Trophy Case

The Stuart Bullivant Bowl

ISSA Sportsmanship Trophy

Stuart Bullivant was an early mentor of school sailing, known for his sportsmanlike attitudes and teachings. The Bullivant Bowl is Interscholastic Sailing’s National Sportsmanship Award. The winner is nominated for the US Sailing’s Van Alan Clark Sportsmanship Trophy, the national award for the sport of sailing in the United States. In 1993, ISSA’s Newport Harbor High School Sailing Team won these national honors.

The ISSA Sportsmanship Program is fundamentally a local and district initiative. The nominees for the Bullivant are the sailors recognized by their district as outstanding examples of that most desirable characteristic. Nominees may be individuals, crews or teams of school sailors. In addition, nominations are accepted from event chairs and chief judges at the national championships and other major regattas; and from coaches, for sailors from a district other than their own.

The Ted King Award is made to recipients of the Bullivant trophy, and is their “keeper” trophy. Ted King lived sportsmanship.

The Board’s minutes regarding the acceptance of the Bullivant Trophy reads that the trophy be awarded “at the discretion of the Executive Committee… [taking into account] the crew’s attitude and conduct ashore and afloat, its respect for boats and equipment, and its ability to take adversity in stride.”  Guidelines are circulated to District Directors, and nominations are due annually by June 1. Being a good sport is a way of life which we encourage among our sailors. The Bullivant Award is made when circumstances warrant.

2002      Henry Maxwell, The Williams School (also awarded US Sailing’s Van Alan Clark Trophy for Sportsmanship)

1998      Adam Corpuz-Lahne, The Assets School

1996      Ted Conrads & Jeff Condon, The Brunswick School

1995      Tabor Academy Sailing Team

1993      Newport Harbor High School Sailing Team (also awarded US Sailing’s Van Alan Clark Trophy for Sportsmanship)

1992      Scott Carson, Tabor Academy, Marion, MA

1991      Tyler Moore, Naval Academy Prep

1990      Joshua Adams, Tabor

1989      James Samuels, Choate

1975      David Penfield & Nell Taylor, Yale CYC

1970      University School of Milwaukee

1969      Suffield Academy. Manton D. Scott (skipper), Clark R. Boynton, James G. Lemmerman

1964      The Choate School. David Pryor (skipper), John Callan, William Ireland.