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The Jeff Spranger Award

In 1999, the Board of Directors established the Jeff Spranger Award. The Jeff Spranger Awards are made to recognize the extraordinary dedication and selflessness of Jeff's service to school sailing for well over 40 years.

An award is given when the situation warrants to individuals who clearly emulate Jeff's example in kind and quality of service, in cheerful accomplishment of the many tasks which make school sailing work for sailors.

Nominations may be made by a member of the Board of Directors, and will be voted upon by the Board in time for presentation at the next Annual Meeting of the Corporation.

2015      Rob Hurd

2012      Mike Segerblom

2011      Tom Monkus

2009      Ray Teborek

2007      Bill Campbell

2006      Larry White

2005      Barbara White

2004      Betsy McClintock

2003      Tim Hogan

2001      Bill Schneider

2000      Ray Teborek

1999      Roy Williams