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The Great Oaks Regatta

The Great Oaks Regatta New School Invitational provides a national-level regatta for developing teams, creating an opportunity to compete with peers as a team grows in numbers and skill. A system of regattas for new teams within Districts, in local leagues and District-wide, provides for development of skills and attitudes, and identifies teams ready to go forward to a national-level event.

A developing new team could qualify for all four of ISSA’s national events: Great Oaks and the three National Championships Cressy (in radial and full-rig Lasers), Mallory (two division double-handed) and Baker (3 on 3 team racing).

The Great Oaks Regatta New School Invitational was introduced into the ISSA calendar November 13-14, 1999, hosted by Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans. All schools that have been members of ISSA for three years or less, have not qualified for the Mallory or Baker Regatta, and have renewed for the current year, and all that have joined for the first time in the current year, are eligible to enter the selection process in use in their Districts. A team is comprised of no fewer than two nor more than four sailors who must be full-time students in the school they represent. 

2016 Great Oaks - Orono High School - MISSA

2014 Great Oaks Results - Southern Regional High School

Emily Haig ’17 | Jake Ellis ’15 | Sam Westpy ’16 | Lauren Beattie ‘15

2013 Great Oaks Results - Riverview High School

2012 Great Oaks Results - Ransom Everglades

2011 Great Oaks Results - Toms River High School South

Charlie Nunn | Shelby Jacobs | Jimmy Kennedy

2010 Great Oaks Results - Bishop England

Todd Fanning | Hugh Forester-Bennett | Avery Fanning

2009 Great Oaks Results - Minnetonka High

Robbie Allen | Laurel Brown

2008 Great Oaks Results - St Edwards High School, Vero Beach, FL

Edgar Diminich | Samuel Walker

2007 Great Oaks Results - Prov Country Day

Natalie Salk | Scarlet Darques

2006 Great Oaks Results - Brother Martin

Lane Bonagura | Patrick Ryan

2005 Great Oaks Results - Wayzata H.S.

Bill Siemers | Kaye Siemers | Katie Culhane | Eric Sauter

2004 Great Oaks Results - Kalaheo High

Ian Andrewes | Lauri Lehtinen

2003 Great Oaks Results - Metairie Park Country Day High School

Jackson Benvenutti | Elizabeth Parker

2002 Great Oaks Results - Metairie Park Country Day School

Metairie Park Country Day School

2001 Great Oaks Results - Berkeley Prep

Betsy Bryant | Evan Brown

2000 Great Oaks Results - Community School of Naples

Ryan Shaughnessy | Cullen Shaughnessy

1999 Great Oaks Results - Berkeley Prep

David Phillips | Scott Ashbaugh