2010 Great Oaks Results

Great Oaks 2010
Southern Yacht Club
New Orleans, LA
November 19-21, 2010

Congratulations once again to Bishop England as the winners of the 2010 Great Oaks Regatta. After initial posting of the final results a Request for Redress was filed concerning the scoring in race 1 of the Gold Fleet. As a result of the request, Mahtomedi was awarded 2nd place for that race and moves up one place to 7th overall. The judges ruled further that it was “not possible to determine the BE team’s actual finish in the race from the information available” (originally scored as 2nd) based on the witness testimony and they were therefore awarded their average points for races 2-9. The overall results for positions 1-6 remain unchanged. Thanks to all for their patience while we gathered information during the holidays. We hope all will return next year.