2005 Cressy Results

Cressy 2005
Wayzata Yacht Club
October 16-17, 2005

On October 16, 2005, crisp temperatures just above freezing and a stiff northwesterly breeze ushered the ISSA Single-handed Nationals in. As the competitors filed onto Wayzata Bay, it became clear that the cold temperatures were prohibiting the sail numbers from adhering to the sails. PRO Blake Middleton handled the situation with expertise, completing one race without incident. After completing the race, the competitors were sent to shore for lunch and an opportunity to place hull numbers on their bows. Saturday afternoon truly tested the skills of all the competitors with winds gusting between 17 and 30 MPH. After three races in the trying conditions, the sailors were allotted a short break. Everyone welcomed a warm fire and hot chocolate at the Wayzata Yacht Club. After getting warm, the regatta took to the water and completed three more races. The races were governed by Appendix N enforced by head judge Pat Healy, and judges Tim Krech, Bruce Martinson, and Sam Rogers.

On Sunday morning, the sailors arrived to a coat of frost on their boats and light breeze. PRO Blake Middleton addressed the fleet and congratulated everyone on their sailing the previous day. Tim Krech addressed everyone also congratulating the fleet on their spectacular sailing. However, the judges noticed quite a few fouls at leeward marks that went un-penalized. The judges also expressed that they were there to help the competitors enforce the rules. The sailors took to the water in a breeze registering between 5-8 MPH. Two races were run in the diminishing winds. After the second race the sailors were sent to shore to wait for a wind. At 2:00 PM it was determined that the wind was not going to reappear, and sailors un-rigged in Minnesota “dry rain.” ISSA president Larry White presented awards.

Everyone involved with the regatta: sailors, volunteers, coaches, parents, etc., should be proud of what was accomplished. Special accolades to PRO Blake Middleton, regatta chair Cappy Capper, food caterer Dee Geary, and their respective staffs. A huge “thank you” goes to Vanguard Sailboats and Hi-Tempo, our local Vanguard dealer. Congratulations to Paige Railey of Clearwater High School and Christopher Enger from Sarasota High School.

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