The Point Loma Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Point Loma High School Sailing Team is taking steps to clean up local beaches and waterfronts and challenges you to do the same!  

Did you know that most trash in the oceans is right along the coast on the sea floor?  It's so bad our bays and harbors are filling up with trash reefs!  Since we as sailors enjoy the benefits of water more than most lets do our part and help clean up!  Cleaning a beach or shoreline not only helps the environment but is a wonderful team building exercise.  Point Loma adopted a beach near them, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, and will clean the area three times this year to get official status and signage.  They also clean the shoreline right where they sail as well.  It's a perfect activity for those no wind days.  We are challenging all high school teams to clean a shoreline near them and post the pictures to the High School Sailing Clean Ocean Facebook Page!  If you can document what you pick up it's even better.  Let's all work together to clean our oceans, lakes and rivers!