LaserPerformance High School Invitational #2

Second stop on the LaserPerformance High School Invitational flew by this weekend at the Washington Sailing Marina! Another great day on the water for the 14 participating high school teams!

This event series is the perfect hands-on opportunity for high school sailors to be introduced to a collegiate sailing environment. We are commited to growing high school sailing around the country and supporting the Interscholastic Sailing Association.

LaserPerformance sponsored a one day invitational at the Washington Sailing Marina, hosted by Georgetown and George Washington Universities. Both divisions were able to sail simultaneously using the hosts’ new LaserPerformance z420s and FJs, allowing for maximum races in a light to moderate southerly breeze. 8 W4 races were completed in each division. Uphill current played a significant role especially on the starting line and at the turning marks, but the competitors dealt with it well, limited collisions, and only one protest was needed to be heard. In the end, Norfolk Academy edged out Broadneck High School for the win, but everyone seemed to enjoy the full day of racing. Pizza and tee shirts were awarded to all after the event. Special thanks to Mike Callahan and John Pearce of Georgetown and George Washington Universities who graciously hosted, not only providing the sailboats, coachboats, and venue, but were on hand to give some coaching tips as well. LaserPerformance is a proud sponsor of the ISSA and looks forward to continuing this invitational series!