2018 Atlantic Coast Championship

Saturday, November 10:

It was a tough day of sailing on Saturday at the 2018 ISSA Atlantic Coast Championship. In the morning, temperatures were in the 40s and the wind was WNW 15-20 with gusts to 25 knots. We decided to send out only one division at a time and sail only Z420s due to the conditions. During the first B division set, the wind increased and by the time the set was done, the wind was at 20-25 with gusts near 30 knots. We postponed ashore for a while and eventually got back out for another set in each division in 15-25 knots. The Midshipmen on our sailing team did a fantastic job setting marks and helping with rescues, keeping everything safe and fair. After racing, 2 protests were heard, resulting in a DSQ in race 4A.

Sunday, November 11:

Sunday was a very different day in Annapolis. We started out with a NW breeze at 5-8 knots that quickly died during the first race of the day. After a few attempts at running a another race, we went back to shore for a delay on land. At 1230 a light SE breeze began to fill and we headed back onto the water. The breeze settled in at 5-8 knots and we were able to get in 5 more races per division before the 3PM cutoff. Congratulations to Ranney School for the impressive victory.