2017 Atlantic Coast Championship

Saturday, November 11:

Only two races were completed in 10-12 knot northerlies for both A and B divisions by 11:30AM. The day started very cold, and didn't warm up much from there. There were many general recalls under the I-Flag, as a strong 1.5-1.75 knot fair current was giving the racers a difficult time staying off the course side of the starting line. After an early lunch break to give the current time to slow and switch, four more races were completed in 6-8 knot northerlies for both A and B divisions by 4:15PM. No protests no breakdowns.

Sunday, November 12:

Variable winds of less than 8 knots were forecast, and the weatherman wasn't wrong. After postponing on shore for 2-1/2 hours, the RC took the racers out in a mildly promising WSW breeze of 4-6 knots. A-divsion got a start in 4-5 knots, but the strong 1.75-2.0 knot current kept all but 4 boats from being able to round the weather mark. The breeze was very patchy, and the areas of pressure only lasted 5-10 minutes, so never enough breeze to get a full race in. Race 7A was abandoned and the boats returned to shore. All the competitors gathered on the Tyson Pavillion at the Yocum Sailing Center to congratulate their competitors, and thank the RC for running the event. It was great to see and hear the good sportsmanship and gratitude of the competitors, coaches and spectators.

First Place: Christchurch Seahorses Second Place: Annapolis Panthers Third Place: Falmouth, Maine Yachtsmen

Thank you to all the competitors for the great job cleaning up the Yocum Sailing Center after racing, and for keeping Cooper the regatta dog happy all day!