ISSA Baker Team Race Championship

Rev: May 2006

Interscholastic Sailing Association
Conditions for ISSA Baker Team Race National Championship

This event shall normally be scheduled by the ISSA Board of Directors for a weekend in the Spring between May fifteenth and May thirtieth. This event shall not exceed two days in length. The Friday prior to the event shall be used for registration and practice. No race shall be started after 1600 on the last day, unless the Judges have made special arrangements for a reduced number of teams to stay, if that is practical and necessary to declare a winner.

The number of entrants awarded to each district shall be based on the number of eligible schools reported by each member district to the President of ISSA on June first of each year. The number of berths shall be calculated using the following formula:

The number of allotted berths for each district equals the number of eligible schools in the district, times twelve, divided by the total number of ISSA eligible schools.
All districts get at least one berth.

If the integers of the numbers do not add up to twelve, the allotted berths not assigned shall be assigned in descending order starting with the highest decimal portion of the allotted berths numbers, disregarding berth allotments with zero as an integer.

Refer to the ISSA Procedural Rules and the General Conditions for ISSA National Regattas.

Each team shall consist of at least six sailors, three skippers and three crews, but shall not exceed nine sailors. A school may enter only one team.

The event shall be sailed two person dinghies of not less than eleven feet, nor more than fifteen feet in length. The boats may be either sloop or cat-rigged.

Regatta Format:
Each team shall sail three boats in each race. The format for the regatta shall be determined by the ISSA Board of Directors at the ISSA annual meeting.

Race Courses:
The race courses shall be in accordance with the ISSA Procedural Rules.

Special Conditions:
Limited Umpiring using RRS D2.3 will be used. Ties shall be resolved by using ISSA Procedural Rule 12. If necessary a second sail off may be sailed to resolve ties.

The winning team shall have the name of its school engraved on the Baker Trophy. Keeper trophies, provided by ISSA shall be awarded to members of the top three teams.